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Hemp Interstate Commerce: A Roundtable Discussion
Register now to participate in a roundtable discussion on the current and emerging interstate and international markets for hemp.

Join the conversation with seasoned industry professionals, who will discuss:

-Telling Your Story: Shipping Documentation and Tracking
-Navigating the Regulatory Crazy Quilt: States, Territories and Indian Nations
-It’s Legal, Isn’t It? Getting on the Right Side of Law Enforcement
-Dress for Success: Packaging, Boxing, Bagging and Sealed Containers


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David Bush
Senior Counsel @Clark Hill
David Bush focuses on cannabis business law, corporate law, commercial contracts, and commercial dispute resolution. David serves on the Business Advisory Council of the National Hemp Association and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Hemp Industries Association. He also is President of the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to supporting hemp-related public education and academic research at institutions of higher education in Colorado.
Tim Gordon
Cannabis Executive Officer and Director of World Affairs @Gordon Cannabis Group
What drives Tim Gordon is a passion for the cannabis plant and the many attributes and opportunities cannabis brings. Tim has decades of experience in eco-sustainable cannabis farming and prides himself on building scaled, sustainable, and profitable cannabis companies. Across the United states and across the globe Tim has had the opportunity to serve the cannabis industry in many ways during his 2 decades of dedicated leadership. From a Director of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana or NORML in Colorado, to the Board of Directors of the Hemp Industry Association or the HIA, Tim has served multiple Industry non profit trade organizations. Tim has been interviewed, quoted and featured in US and international news programs, magazines and periodicals where he speaks on cannabis cultivation optimization in business.
Shannon Kaygi
CEO and Founder @Eossi Beauty - SYK Holdings
Shannon Kaygi’s background in hemp wholesale, cannabis technology services, supply-chain management and entrepreneurship—along with her eye for identifying market opportunities for consumer goods and services—merged seamlessly together in the creation of Eossi Beauty. Her experience in cannabis and hemp industry compliance includes a management role in business development for Simplifya, a software firm that provides audit support to protect company licenses and investments. She also has deep expertise in retail customer relations, having served as a manager for national grocery chain Whole Foods early in her professional career, where she gained an appreciation for its strong company culture—something she has applied to her own businesses.
Sara Diamond
Globaltranz Authorized Agent @Diamond Global Logistics
Driven by roots in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Sara learned an appreciation for the hardworking lifestyle that goes into agriculture and farming. Self-employed since the age of 20, she’s always been business-minded. After moving to Denver in 2012, she took a role assisting with anew product launch for the indoor gardening industry. During that time she discovered her biggest strength to be handling the challenges involved with logistics and supply chain. In 2014 she partnered with GlobalTranz and started Diamond Global Logistics. The original plan was to mainly provide logistics support to businesses around the gardening industry. When the farm bill passed in 2018 Diamond was well positioned to add transportation of hemp as an additional area of expertise to the already growing client base. Sara takes pride in providing customer-focused solutions and developing long lasting partnerships.